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Orchid Resources

Information Sources


American Orchid Society 

Jay' s Internet Orchid Encyclopedia Orchid species information. Lots of pictures and cultural information

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Good site for research and conservation

Meyers Conservatory Flasking species, flasks for sale

Missouri Botanical Garden Good site for research, publications, and general information--all manner of plant life Free Online Community. Orchid topics and information.

OrchidWire An orchid resource directory.

Royal Horticultural Society Good site for research, information, publications, and orchid registration

Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Assoc.


Orchid Plants and Growing Supplies

Ecuagenera Orchid Plantation Great site for conservation efforts. Wonderful photos and cultural information--Ecuador

Gold Country Orchids Specializing in mini cattleya

Southwestern College Greenhouse Orchid Plants

American Orchid Society - Orchid Marketplace

Looking for sources of information, orchid plants, or supplies?

The following links provide starting points to purchase that special plant, growing media, baskets, and pots, join discussion groups, and learn about orchids.

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